Energy Harvesting

Thermoelectric or inductive

Thermoelectric Energy Harvesting

Thermoelectric energy harvesting is based on heat flux, created by temperature differences, through a thermoelectric element. Micropelt thermogenerators contain hundreds of such thermoelectric p & n couples, able to produce sufficient voltage on even little temperature gradients and very small area. Size matters in many wireless sensor applications while a seamless and non-visible product integration is the first choice. Mechnical integration and related thermo-mechanical aspects are one of the core competencies of Micropelt.

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Inductive Energy Harvesting

Inductive energy harvesting is based on converting magnetic stray fields, such as those caused by the AC current of busbars, switchboards, motor control centres (MCCs) and other power distribution systems, into electricity. Micropelt Industrial Sensors harvest magnetic energy to generate electrical power and transmit vital data, such as the temperature and current of the circuitry, to outside receivers.

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