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Micropelt started as a joint research project between chip-maker Infineon Technologies AG and the Fraunhofer Institute IPM, an RND partner to the optical sensor and thin-film technologies. The company was spun-off from Infineon in 2006, led by a team around Fritz Volkert with the goal to manufacture of thin-fim thermoelectric devices using silicon wafer manufacturing technologies. Further investments in Internet of Things (IoT) development areas such as energy harvesting, power management, low power radio and product design set the ground for end-product developments such the iTRV family and other self-powered wireless sensors. In 2017, Micropelt became a brand of  EH4 GmbH and relocated from Freiburg to Umkirch. In the meantime, both products are in 2nd and 3rd generation, while Micropelt continues to develop its product lines in building and industial automation.



Micropelt is member of the EnOceanAlliance » and founding member of the Germany Thermoelectric Society e. V.

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