iTRV MVA 002

Maintenance-free Radiator Valve


  • Integrated thermogenerator
  • Battery- and maintenance-free operation.
  • Excess energy in winter enables continuous operation during transition periods and summer.
  • Exact valve position guarantees precise room temperature.
  • Communicates bi-directional with EnOcean radio.
  • Status information to visualize energy-management.
  • Small, compact design and slight:
    64 x 59 x 80 mm
    (w x h x d), 260 g

Important Information!

Micropelt’s iTRV MVA 002 was produced until the end of 2016. MVA 002 has been replaced with next generation and extended functionality models MVA 003 and MVA 004. A small number of MVA002 devices is available for replacements.