iTRV MVA 004

Self-powered Radiator Valve


  • New design and extended feature set
  • Integrated thermogenerator
  • 365 days per year operation through excess energy generated in winter season
  • Bi-directional EnOcean Euipment Profile A5-20-01
  • Internal temperature controller
  • Automatic radio communication interval 2, 5 or 10 minutes
  • Flow temperatur sensor
  • Exact valve position guarantees precise room temperature
  • Status information to visualize energy-management
  • Configurable through remote management/commissioning (ReMan/ReCom)
  • Small, compact design and slight:
    55 x 95 mm
    (Ø x d), 260 g

Benefits and Features

  • Energy savings and CO2 reduction!
  • Maintenance-free iTRV system operating without batteries and wires!
  • Deploy and forget, ideal for retro-fit installation.
  • Compliant with EN 15232 energy performance of buildings.
  • On demand and/or presence-based heating control for every room.
  • Compatibel though international EnOcean standard