Micropelt Energy Harvesting

Micropelt is a leader for innovative energy harvesting powered systems such as micro-actuators and sensors.

Energy Harvesting at Home

Micropelt intelligent thermostatic radiator valves (iTRVs) communicate with thermostats enabling single room temperature management.

The iTRV is powered by » thermoelectric energy harvesting alone, with no need for wiring or batteries, resulting in zero maintenance.

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Information about long-term » iTRV field test results (pdf 517 kB)

Micropelt iTRV

Energy Harvesting in Industry

Micropelt industrial sensors are easy to retrofit, are maintenance-free and avoid batteries and wiring.

Micropelt mNODE

Micropelt industrial sensors continuously monitor temperatures in busbars, switchgears and power distribution systems.

The sensors are powered by energy harvesting alone, again with no need for cabling or batteries, resulting in zero maintenance.

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Power Supply Products

Micropelt power supply products provide electricity to wireless devices such as temperature and pressure monitoring sensors.

The power supply devices include Micropelts’s thermal energy harvesting component (» TGP), as well as the power management electronics, to provide constant voltage output.

Micropelt power supply products remove the need for batteries or wiring and can be installed wherever thermal flux is available, such as on hot pipes or surfaces.

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TE-CORE assembly