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Radiator valve actuators are used to control heating on a single room level. Apart from energy savings based on scheduling, reduced target temperatures and elimination of overheating, it does also maintain the comfort temperature of choice. Micropelt’s wireless, battery- and therefore maintenance-free actuator products are a time and cost efficient alternative compared to wired solutions. Retrofitting of wires is time consuming and expensive while the existing building stock in many cases even not allows to interfere. In addition, fire load reduction using wireless communication is providing another great value for both, residential and commercial buildings.
The EnOcean radio standard as well as other wirelss standards can be used for a variety of applications: From a single rooms to complex and integrated building automation systems.

  • MVA004 and heating controller STC MSG.
  • Room tempearture sensor with set-point device and presence button.
  • 8 oder 16 radiators controlled individually.
  • Window contact and presence detector possible.
  • Quick installation with great savings potential.
  • Ideal for retro-fit installation.
  • Ideal for multi-room or floor-level solution.
  • MVA003, MVA004 compatibel with building automation systems.
  • At most 50 heatings individually controllable – per gateway.
  • Eligible for building solutions and floors.
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