"micropelt" has its technological origins in the chip manufacturer Infineon Technologies. Originally founded as a semiconductor company for thermal energy harvesting components has the company focus changed to  building automation and IoT products - with a focus on low-power sensors, actuators, radio technologies and connected applications. With its iTRV product line first presented in 2015, a first end product was developed and has been in series production since 2016. Today, ten thousands of heating radiators worldwide are controlled by the Micropelt products. The implementation of energy-efficient buildings through connected building intelligence will accelerate due to the rapid development of technology and Europe-wide political initiatives. Investment and operating costs of retrofit systems, especially in large buildings, are significantly reduced by new long-range radio systems (e. g. LoRaWAN) and thus become significantly more attractive to building owners. With the existing know-how and strong partnerships will micropelt establish itself as a manufacturer of sustainable, connected building technology. Since 2023, micropelt, as a brand of EH4 GmbH, has relocated its headquarters Freiburg. The latest generations of the long-range thermostat family are currently being dveveloped as part of a wider and connected solution.

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