... and make an important contribution to active climate protection and a sustainable environment. Radiator actuators regulate the temperature in individual rooms. In addition to a comfortable room climate, CO2 and heating costs can be reduced using occupancy plans and presence detection.

Examples of deployed customer projects are available here.


Energy harvesting uses existing environmental conditions (heat, sun, vibrations, magnetic fields, air) to generate small amounts of electrical energy.

Thermal energy harvesting describes the extraction from minimal temperature differences.

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WE'VE MOVED! Micropelt is expanding its office and production areas and will therefore operate under the following address from August 3, 2023: EH4 GmbH, Rimsinger Weg 2, 79111 Freiburg Tel: 0761 59026190

This is where our thermostat product lines are developed and distributed. Based on its existing know-how, strong partnerships and an expanded product portfolio will Micropelt continue to develop in the direction of sustainable and connected building technology ... »

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NEW and available: LoRaWAN MLRTPS: Room Temperaturesensor with presence (PIR) und Setpoint.

LoRaWAN radiator thermostat MLR003R.
LoRaWAN domestic hot water themostat MLR003F.

EnOcean products MVA04 and MVA005 are replaced with MVA008 and MVA009 with USB.

Micropelt – A brand of EH4 GmbH - Rimsinger Weg 2, 79111 Freiburg, Phone +49 (0)761 95026 190, e-mail: info(at)micropelt.com

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