LoRaWAN room thermostat MLRTPS with setpoint adjustment and presence detector

LoRaWAN allows you to control your heating radiators over long distances, even inside buildings. Significant cost savings on labor and material cost for wiring, network infrastructure, building structural changes will reduce the amortization time over conventional systems.

Sample kit


– reduce energy consumption
– decarbonize and reduce building CO2 footprint


 suitable for all types of buildings
 great benefit with old and big buildings, housing complex


 reduce heating cost
 save maintenance charges
 low system and labor cost

automatic control

 heat only when necessary
 individual and automatic room temperature control


 easy installation
 no batteries, no cables


 Long range LoRaWAN EU868MHz radio
 Gateway solution to cloud (TCP/IP, Mqtt) or Modbus/BACnet


 high encryption standard through
AES-CTR 128-bit process


 Radio EN300220-2V3.1.1/-2V3.2.1/-1V3.1.1
 Radio EMC EN301489-1 V2.2.3/-3 V2.1.1
 EMC EN 55014-1/-2
 Human exposure EN62479
 Product safety EN60335

 Setpoint adjustment
 Presence detection
 Contactless user interface

 Radio communication every 5 minutes
 Ambient temperature (°C)
 Battery status, motor status
 Radio communication and status
 2600mAh primary cell lifetime 10+ years

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