Sample Kit Micropelt LoRaWAN

The plug & play sample kit is the ideal starter solution to get started with LoRaWAN. The kit consists of an MLR003 actuator, a temperature sensor and a pre-configured IP gateway. The gateway already contains all device-specific credentials. The internal Mqtt broker is also already configured. You can access the devices via LAN and the Windows Mycorrhiza Tool immediately after activating the devices. Note: The gateway is configured as a DHCP client.

 1x MLR003 868MHz SF7BW1245
 1x MLR003 key
 1x temperature sensor ERSLite
 1x MTCAP IP gateway
 1x Mycorrhiza tool

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 easy installation
 no batteries, no cables


 Long range LoRaWAN EU868MHz radio
 Gateway solution to cloud (TCP/IP, Mqtt)

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 high encryption standard through
AES-CTR 128-bit process

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