Self-powered Radiator Valve - Your advantage and innovative contribution to environmental protection and sustainability

Lower your heating costs through demand-based heating control and help to reduce CO2 emissions. Thanks to its innovative concept of converting heat from the radiator into electrical energy, you not only avoid toxic battery waste, but also never have to worry again about replacing batteries. Set the desired room temperature locally at the device or via central control. As an EnOcean-compatible wireless solution, the MVA005 can be retrofitted quickly and easily without any impact on building structure. Raise your building to energy efficiency class A or B (EN15232) and make your sustainable and environmentally friendly contribution to help stop climate change.

  • Local +/- setpoint adjustment
  • Operation in valve posiiton (%) or internal P-type controller (°C).
  • Maintenance-free operation when sufficient excess energy is generated in heating season.
  • EnOcean profile A5-20-06.
  • ReCom configurable
  • Compact and light weight: 55 x 95 mm (Ø x D), 260 g
  • USB interface to recharge

    Use the new funcitons flow temperature, radio loss, transmission quality without local setpoint adjustment 
    with our version exluding the +/- print
  • Single or multi room or solution including floor-level
  • Solutions for building automation systems

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