Heating cost reduction

  • 80 % of all existing buildings are not up-to-date with regards to room temperature control!
  • 75 % of residential energy consumption are used for heating!
  • Overheated rooms are mostly controlled trough ventilation insted of reduced heating.
  • In particular non-residential buildings such as schools, public and office buildings benefit from retro-fit installed wireless radiator control with significant energy and CO2 savings. 
  • Precise control of room temperature increases your comfort and convenience.
  • Time-schedules or presence-based heating control reduce the heating bill.   
  • Installation is quick and easy.
  • Private households can save heating costs as well by e.g. lowering room temperature in children rooms or bathrooms while they unused anyways. 
  • And every °Celsius less room temperature further reduce the heating costs by 6 %!
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